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Since it was founded in May 2011,Jiangsu Acetec Semico-nductor Co. Ltd has been committed to provide testing and various relevant services for IC industry partners. As a private enterprise, Acetec set up its headquarters in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province. It boasts a Testing Produ-ction Base with a total investment over 300 million yuan, and has established a complete middle and high-end testing service business system. Meanwhile, Acetec has set up an Advanced Research and Development Center in Beijing and established Wuxi Training Center & Small and Medium-sized Production Base in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. Acetec has become a strategic partner for customers from segmental fields, providing services in all sorts like scale testing volume production, customized engineering resea-rch and develop-ment.


Acetec is oriented as an “Independent Third-party Testing Service Provider”, its main business covering IC testing

scheme development, testing process and techniques development, chip probing production, finished chips testing production, etc., and strives to provide one-stop and whole process quality management support for customers. We focus closely on product cost control results for customers, and are more concerned about testing resources security system construction covering service cycle control, whole-process analysis of testing data, production capacity coordination, convenience support for collaboration between upstream and downstream firms, technology development capacity and team construction, a long-term service support system.


Acetec is striving to be a quality assurance center for its cooperative partners, seeking long-term cooperation and common development, and effectively enhancing competitiveness as well as development potential for its partners in the whole industry chain through cooperation between customers and the supplier featuring drawing on each other’s strengths. Acetec has also carried out joint technology research and development with Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Institute of Auto-Testing Technology, established a business and technical support cooperative system with global core equipment suppliers and a support system for services with enterprises covering large training institutions, logistics, etc., and independently researched and developed Whole Process IT Management System. All these are strong support we rely on to serve our customers.


Service capability drives from power of teamwork. Both Acetec’s core management and technical team boast over 15 years’ experience of testing production management and engineering research and development. Many key technical personnel once held office in global large-sized IC enterprises, whereas junior employees are also professional and dedicated. Acetec will never forever be a sweatshop. In contrast, Acetec is committed to create an optimum learning and growing environment for its employees, and sincerely hope every employee will find here a major cornerstone for life development.


In recent years, the rapid development of Chinese IC industry has provided an unprecedented development opportunity for the whole industry, presenting Acetec with higher demands on management and services. Acetec is expecting to create a bright future for Chinese IC testing industry with joint efforts from its customers, suppliers, and partners.