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 方块.jpg Market Localization Advantage


As a typical technology and knowledge industry, IC test has run throughout the whole process of IC design, chip manufacturing, assembly package and IC application and becomes an indispensable independent industry of IC industry. With the increasing technological requirements and features of IC chips, the requirements of chip test have incessantly increased. Compared with the design, manufacturing and packaging, the test ability of IC industry has become the weakest part in the industry chain. The test ability lags behind the developed countries and cannot satisfy the actual needs of our nation’s IC industry development. There are a few companies that can assume the professional test service independently and almost all high-end IC products are sent for the foreign countries to have a test. Meanwhile, it is clear that global wafer production and packaging production will become prosperous in China. According to the Chinese Semiconductor Industry Association statistics, domestic IC sales revenue is 142.4 billion yuan in 2010 and compared with the same period, the growth is 28.4%. Among them, compared with the same period, the revenue of design sales is 38.3 billion yuan and the growth is 26.8%; the revenue of manufacturing sales is 40.9 billion yuan and the growth is 19.9%; the revenue of test sales is 63.2 billion yuan and the growth is 26.8%. Rapidly growing IC market has stimulated the urgent need of high efficiency, high quality, low cost of third parties to integrate circuit test service company, Acetec Semiconductor enters into a fast-growing market and has great potential for development with China’s leading test equipment, scientific production management process, mature core technology staff, strong development capacity of key instruments.


方块.jpg Core Team Advantage

The core technology team members of Acetec Semiconductor have more than 8-20 years background of chip test technology development and management, providing the whole test solutions for the global large-sized IC design companies, wafer production companies and assembly package and test companies, can satisfy the customer’s needs as quickly as possible with the whole test solutions technology data. There are scarcely chip test professional talents in China, the core team in Acetec Semiconductor has absolutely advancing advantage.


方块.jpg Knowledge Management Advantages

Acetec Semiconductor owns the rich experiences of technology development and producing management under the QS9000 quality certification system. The company has completed “The data of Acetec test engineering technology development and practice” after several years’ experience. The knowledge management system of the company plays a vital role to the key factors of fastening the development velocity of solutions, standardized word process, stabilizes and raises the quality and the sharing experience and is one of the core competitive abilities of the company.


方块.jpg The Price Cost Advantage

The mature core technological staff of Acetec Semiconductor has the great capacity of self-development of key instruments, this feature makes the company has a little dependent degree of test equipment producing supplier and reduce the self-test cost significantly.


方块.jpg Customer Relationship Advantage

The cooperation and working background of the core management staff of Acetec Semiconductor and global large-sized IC design companies, wafer production and chip packaging ventures make Acetec win great customer reorganization and establish mutual cooperative relationships at the initial period of venture and get the steady and large quantity orders of high quality as soon as possible.