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Acetec’s development and growth originate from the society, and we are obliged to repay our society. The concept of making contributions to society has been deeply rooted in everybody in Acetec. Despite Acetec’s limited scale and strength, it will still try its utmost to make every pigmy effort and make contributions to society.


We have been actively involved in social activities for public good, supporting the educational cause, and caring for lonely elders. We have donated 500 reading materials for children and organized our employees to go to nursing homes and take part in heart-warming activities there.


Typical Cases


On May 30th, 2013, Ken Wang, G.M. of Acetec, actively responded to Zhenjiang New District Government to participate in “Always Win-2013 Science & Technology and Finance Theme Salon”. During the salon, he headed the speakers to deliver a splendid speech and auctioned red wine. On that night, the total raised charity donations reached 20,600 yuan.


On Oct. 18th, 2013, Ken Wang organized specially-assigned personnel to fund 5000 yuan for 10 poor students of Experimental Primary School in Zhenjiang New District from the formerly raised charity donations in “Always Win-2013 Science & Technology and Finance Theme Salon”. The specially-assigned personnel and children paid a visit to Yangzhong Garden Expo Park. The rest raised charity donations will all be put into educational cause.

责任2.jpg Ken Wang auctioned red wine and raised a total of 6000 yuan charity donations.