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We uphold the production criterion of “Three Responsibles”, namely, “Responsible for life and health of emp-loyees; Responsible for service needs of clients and customers; Responsible for ecological balance of environment”.

In Oct., 2012, Acetec passed ISO 14001 International Environmental Standards and OHSAS 18001 Occ-upational Health and Safety Assessment Series, ensuring zero pollution, zero injuries, and zero accidents in the production workshop to create a comfortable and secure working platform for employees. No open flames are allowed in Acetec outside the Smoking Room to eradicate fire risks, and disaster prevention activities, like organizing staff to conduct fire drills, are carried out on a regular basis.

“Acetec is responsible for each chip produced here.” We make customized service programs for our clients and ensure quality yield of products delivered is ≥ 95% and customer satisfaction degree is ≥85 points. Acetec pays a return visit to its clients on a regular basis. It has been improving service quality and constantly enhancing core competitiveness.span>

Acetec has hardly ever used scarce resources, yielded no hazardous substances, and 100% safely handled solid waste (hazardous waste) caused during production. We actively respond to environmental change, vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction, make every endeavor to reach international advanced level in IC industry in all aspects like health, safety, environment, etc., push forward safety production, green production and saving production, and always strive for harmony between economic development and environment.

We stick to the environmental guideline of “Abide by Laws and Regulations, Treasure and Cherish Natural Environment, Enterprise Sustainable Operation”, and have always set high standards as a demand on ourselves:


1. Abide by all laws and regulations related to environmental protection as well as other environment-

    related requirements.


2. Assess the impact of business activities on environment, constantly monitor and improve our 



3. Reduce or eliminate the roots of environmental pollution and conserve energy in our daily operations.


4. Provide training and support to enhance environmental protection consciousness of employees at all 


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