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Thanks for the great support of government at all levels and all sectors of society, Acetec has been developing rapidly in recent two years. Along with continuous and successful cooperation with the customers and pa-rtners, Acetec has always been concerned about the harmonious relationship between company development and social progress, environmental protection, cultural morality and other social responsibilities and takes it as an important criterion of development evaluation. We are willing to undertake our due social responsibility and try our best to mobilize all resources to establish an enterprise featuring vitality, order and responsibility.

Currently, the contradiction between economic development opportunity and risk of environmental problems has been intensifying, and our value orientation is social value overweighs profit value. We have always been generous about all expenses related to environmental protection, carrying out clean management from purchase to production and from production to sales, dedicated to becoming a leader of green low-carbon enterprises and a pusher of protecting biological civilization. Many a little makes a mickle and Rome is not built in a day, likewise, social responsibility is our responsibility. We are self-disciplined and call on other enterprises to attach importance to their social responsibilities.






 * The relationship between company development

with the society and environment