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Employees are Acetec’s most precious wealth. Acetec’s development and enlarging size cannot be separated from efforts of each employee. We pursue and stick to the concept of “Man-oriented”, pay high attention to and safeguard employees’ legitimate rights and interests, insist on equal employment policy and firmly crack down on employee discrimination in all sorts. We established Labor Union in Jul., 2011, which has safeguarded employees’ legitimate rights and interests in real earnest, promoted employee development, organized activities for employees on a regular basis, enriched their life, and funded employees most needy of help.


Labor Policy


Acetec has been in strict compliance with Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China, Law of the People’s Republic of China on Employment Contracts, The Trade Union Law of the People’s Republic of China, as well as relevant laws, regulations and systems of any host country having business relations with us. Acetec has established a relatively perfect system of employment management rules and regulations. We have been consistently pursuing an employment policy featuring equality and no discrimination, practicing labor contract system for all employees who get equal pay for equal work regardless of sex difference, and treating employees in a fair and just way regardless of nationality, race, sex, religious beliefs and cultural background. Strictly prohibit and resist any form of child labor, strictly avoid the occurrence of forced labor, and attach importance to playing its proper role in promoting employment for women and minorities and increasing employment opportunities for local communities.


By the end of 2013, the total number of employees in Acetec has reached almost 200, whose age structure is reasonable, well-knit and dynamic. We have always encouraged our team to give play to creativity and undertake social responsibility of Acetec and that of IC industry.


Salaries and welfares


We have actively and steadily pushed forward the systematic construction of salaries and welfares, gradually reformed and perfected systematic construction in many aspects including salary, subsidy, allowance and welfare. Along with developing production and improving economic performance, establish a linkage mechanism between employee income and enterprise achievements and a salary system highlighting post value in accordance with work performance, fully reflecting the value of key posts and first-line talents. At the same time of raising salary standards, Acetec has established an overall welfare system covering social insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, and maternity insurance and housing fund to raise livelihood level for employees in real earnest.


Acetec attaches high importance to helping impoverished families of its employees and provides necessary assistance. It has formed a system combining Acetec’s allocated fund with other employees’ voluntary contributions, covering education, medical treatment and other fields for disadvantaged groups in the company. There have been altogether 25 employees in Acetec who have encountered difficulties and received corporate help ever since Acetec was founded. We have also actively applied for subsidy fund from local government for Acetec’s impoverished employees most needy of help to help our employees solve their practical difficulties with efforts from different parties and aspects.

Education Training


We pay high attention to employee training, takes it as a basic welfare, constantly innovating training methods, enriching training content and perfecting training system. We have specialized training department in Zhenjiang and Beijing respectively. In Wuxi, we have established a large-sized training base, and offered annual training for an average 600 person-times to provide opportunities for very employee to get trained. Employees with outstanding contributions enjoy the priority of getting trained. We will continue to expand input into employee training, promote their all-round development, and provide best chance for personal development in Acetec, apart from the chance for employment.


责任1.jpg Wuxi Training Base (Operation) Wuxi Training Base (Classroom)