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The leaders of State Science and Technology visited Acetec



On 14th June, 2013, the leaders of State Science and Technology went to Acetec for visit and inspection. Wang Rui, the manager of Administration gave an overall introduction and accompanied throughout the whole process. The leaders include Wang Junming, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Science and Technology Agency Executive, Yang Yueming, directly under the chairman of labor union of Ministry of Science and Technology, and Tao Jing, head of the Commission for discipline inspection stationed in the provincial Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province Discipline Inspection and Supervision. Ken Wang, G.M. of Acetec, gave a specific and detail description of IC test program development, wafer test production and chip products test production and series of services and invited the leaders to visit the production line. During the visit, the leaders of Science and Technology Department gave a high praise to Acetec and gave a fully affirmation to the business and the future development.