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Fire prevention is important in every moment




To conscientiously implement fire disaster precautionary measures and enhance fire safety consciousness of everybody, Acetec will conduct regular fire drills, aiming to improve employees’ emergency response capacity against fire safety accidents, basic fire-fighting knowledge and self-help skills, reduce fire disaster hidden risks, minimize possible losses, and secure a sound order of production, work and life.


On the morning of Aug., 6th, Acetec conducted a fire-fighting drill, with strong support from company leaders and cooperation from all staff. Despite intense heat and sweltering weather, all the staff were enthusiastic and in high spirits, fully embodying their high awareness of and vigilant attentiveness to safety problems. The fire-fighting drill was planned and organized by IT Department; with Li Ye as leader of Fire Control Team, Gu Haixing and Mao Danhui were responsible for command on the spot, to mainly cultivate employees’ awareness of fire prevention and escape from fire, practice the correct method of using fire extinguishers and safe evacuation in case of dangerous circumstances. Involving life and property safety issues, all employees were fully concentrated, vigorous and active during the whole process of the drill. Colleagues having a sound fire-fighting consciousness and knowledge, headed by Jiang Zhong and Yang Zhangquan, took the initiative to share what they had learnt and mobilized other employees to have heated discussions and communications.


This fire drill is very successful. Every employee is able to use the fire extinguisher and knows the company’s emergency escape routes. This activity implements profoundly escape concept of “more haste, less speed” and does not appear congestion in the fire green channel. Moreover, during the activity, most of employees help each other; heads of departments count the number of sector at the rendezvous site. With the good fire prevention skills, the company has never happened fire since the establishment.


There are a number of problems revealed in the fire drill. Due to lack of public broadcasting system, the company does not ensure the information covered in the entire area. If the fire broke out, any lag of slight information would cause incalculable damage. According to the problems, the company will implement the public broadcasting systems as soon as possible and this system is approved for construction in the phase 2 project of company. In the second place, there are not open fires in the section of studying the use of fire extinguisher, minority of staff have low seriousness. At risk time, it is dangerous that the employees take it not seriously. Therefore, the company will carry out the fire drill regularly to cultivate the awareness of fire of whole staff. In addition, the company will add the emergency light and safety hammer and other emergency facilities and implement the regulation institution of open fires of company and dormitory.



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